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      GRAY IRON  (Class 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40).

In BM Foundry we also specialize in the Gray Iron Cast.
Gray iron is one of the most commonly used ferrous materials is an excellent material for durable and easily molded parts used in many parts for machinery in all branches of industry, its strength and durability is excellent. Its name comes from the appearance its surface when breaking. This ferrous alloy generally contains more than 2% carbon and more than 1% silicon, in addition of manganese, phosphorus and sulfur.

A distinctive feature of gray iron cast is that carbon is present generally as graphite, adopting irregular shapes described as "flakes". This graphite is what gives gray color to the surfaces of rupture of the pieces made with this material.



Gray iron cast is a common alloy in engineering due to its relatively low cost and good machinability, which is the result of the graphite bands that lubricate the cutting and shaving. It also has good wear resistance, because the "flakes" of graphite do the function of self-lubrication.

The cast iron has a brittle fracture, therefore, is not ductile, so no major permanent deformation are presented before proceeding to take it to its breaking stress: it is not tenacious.
By having a high breakdown level, but lower ductility, almost its entire elongation stress curve presents many areas where the stresses are proportional to the deformations: it has much resilience, this means that is able to absorb work in the elastic period or not permanent deformations. The silicon promotes good corrosion resistance and increases the fluidity of the melt casting, the gray casting is considered generally easy to weld

Compared with other modern iron alloys, gray iron has a low tensile strength and ductility therefore impact resistance is almost nonexistent.
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