Gray Iron

A distinctive feature of gray iron casting is that it is an excellent material for making strong, easily moldable parts.


Ductil Iron

Nodular or ductile iron is obtained through the controlled introduction of magnesium, low proportions of sulfur and phosphorus in the cast iron. The result of this change in structure is a stronger, more resistant and elastic iron.



In BM Fundición we have different machining methods covering the most current for gray and nodular iron foundry such as:
CNC, Milling Machine, Drill, Grinding Machine and Lathes.


We serve manufacturers of electric motors, water pumps, vacuum pumps, farm machinery equipment, heat exchangers, ornamental type parts, industrial spare parts, speed reducers, rings, manhole covers, spare parts for the electrical industry, parts for mineral and cement mills, parts for power transmissions, housings, gear boxes as well as valve and connection manufacturers.

Installed Capacity 

25 tons
of finished product in gray iron and / or nodular iron

Capacity per Piece

3.30 lb a 374 lb 
in pieces of gray iron or nodular iron

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